2019 Taste of Rotary & Casino Night

Taste of Rotary tickets are now available at TasteOfRotary.orgWe are excited to have you join us at this year’s Taste of Rotary fundraising event on Saturday, March 23, 2019 beginning at 6:30 PM at the Herbert Young Community Center in downtown Cary, NC. We will be featuring local cuisine by various restaurants, an open bar, casino games, gift basket raffles and big prizes. We promise a spectacular time where 100% of all proceeds will benefit numerous local charities and college scholarships.

Who Are We and Why?

Our Rotary Club is a non-profit organization of leaders from local businesses and professions. We meet weekly to share common interests with each other and our guests.

Our focus is putting others first as we address the needs of our communities through service projects whose scope is local, regional and international.

We are your neighbors. We are community leaders. Our goal is to create and support humanitarian projects that provide positive, sustainable change in the Cary area and in the farthest reaches of the world.

Interested in Rotary?

If you would like to know more about our Rotary club, please contact our club Memberhsip Chair, Chris Gianni. Chris can be reached via email at cbgianni@gmail.com. If you would like to visit, please come. Our Rotary club meets at 7:00am on Monday mornings in a private dining room just off the lobby at the Mayton Inn in downtown Cary.

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